3 and 6 days Chenot programmes in Barvikha Hotel & Spa

3 and 6 days Chenot programmes in Barvikha Hotel & Spa

3 and 6 days recovery programmes are beneficial for both you and your health. World-famous Dr. Henri Chenot, the author of the unique rejuvenation, weight loss and detoxication techniques, emphasizes that this method includes the consistent approach that is the only way to feel the result in short time. 

Programme includes medical consultation, hydro biontology body complex, various body massages, lymphatic drainage face treatment and La Ric hands and feet luxury spa treatment.

Hydro biontology body complex is the basic set of Chenot procedures, which consists of three stages: a hydromassage bath with aromatherapy, mud wrap and a Charcot shower. It restores the correct circulation of fluids and releases the body from toxins. Moreover it has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, exerts a draining and toning action, relieves stress, nervous and muscle tension.

The doctor will recommend the types of massage that are relevant to you: relax, bioenergetic, lymphatic drainage or anti-cellulite.

The cost of the three-day program is 75 420 rubles, the six-day program — 166 770 rubles.